Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy document is to let Residents of Good Life Suites know what information is collected about them when they enter into an Occupancy Agreement with Good Life Suites, how the information is used and whether or not it is disclosed.

Collecting Personal Information

Good Life Suites does not collect or solicit any personal information via any request by Good Life Suites which might be unlawful, unnecessary, excessive or unrelated to the functions or activities Good Life Suites as a general Boarding House pursuant to the Boarding House Act 2012 (NSW) (“The Act”).

1. Record of your Occupancy

When you reside at Good Life Suites, a record is generated about your occupancy which will be used for occupation purposes. The information collected includes:

  • your name and address

  • Confidential documents including credit cards, driver’s license, passports and similar documents

  • Your email address

  • Credit Card or other payment card information to pay the occupancy fee

  • the previous residency information at Good Life Suites and;

  • Personal company or employment details.

The above information is required under the Act for audit and compliance purposes for government instrumentalities and compliance officers under the Boarding House Act 2012.

2. Use of Information

Good life Suites may also collect personal information and other data from you as required by legislation.

Examples of the type of information that might be collected by Good Life Suites through cookies on its website include:

  • your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address

  • the date, time and duration of each interaction on our website(s), using, for instance, a numbered key (a unique server-generated number used to identify the current session)

  • the pages you view, the campaign sites you interact with, the online tools you use and the documents you download, and

  • the previous site visited and the type of browser used.

Unique identifiers are also used to store information about users’ preferences and enable the dynamic display of the site according to your preferences when you return.

All credit card or other monetary transactions that are processed and held by third parties and their respective third-party gateway are the responsibility of the third party receiving the personal information.

3. Advertising

Good Life Suites will not provide your personal information to any third party to promote any product or advertising without your consent excepting for any requirement at law.

4. Online Request Forms

Where the Good Life Suites website provides electronic forms that allow you or Good Life Suites to request particular information from your personal information and that information is only requested in order for Good Life Suites to respond to your inquiry.

Where your contact details are being specifically collected for compliance with the Occupancy Agreement under the Act.

5. Accessing IT Systems, Portals, and Online Forms

Direct interaction you have through the Good Life suites website, through the use of IT systems, portals or online forms, is covered by this privacy notice dealing with the particular activity (e.g. providing information for the residency or completing forms for residency).

Using and Disclosing Personal Information

Personal information collected as a result of your visit to the Good Life Suites website, through an online request form or emailed inquiry, will only be used for the purposes it was collected for as defined above, including residency information or inquiries.

Information may also be used where required as part of an investigation into alleged breaches of House Rules, policies or where required or permitted by law.

Information will only be disclosed where required or permitted by law.

Publishing Personal Information on the Good Life Suites Website

Good Life Suites will only publish personal information on the Good Life Suites website if it has been collected for this purpose with your knowledge or if you have consented to the disclosure or for the purposes of posting any personal review of the quality or standard of Good Life Suites.

 When giving such consent you should be aware that information published on the Good Life Suites website is accessible to millions of users world-wide, that it will be indexed by search engines (for example TripAdvisor or and that it may be copied and used by any web user.

This means that once information is published on the Good Life Suites website for general web browser consumption, Good Life Suites has no control over its subsequent use and disclosure.

Managing Personal Information

Information collected by Good Life Suites from any source or in any form will be stored securely and will only be retained for the purposes for which it was collected, and in line with legal retention requirements.

You have a right to access personal information or amend inaccurate information held about you and request Good Life Suites to correct or amend any personal detail that may be inaccurate or incorrect by advising Good Life Suites of the corrections you wish to make in writing.

Further information can be found on the Good Life Suites website or by contacting Good Life Suites directly on +61 2 8318 9999.

Privacy at Good Life Suites

For further information about privacy, please contact our management directly either through the Good Life Suites website or by telephone on +61 2 8318 9999 or ring our Compliance Officer on    +61 419 622 204.

This Privacy Policy and Statement is valid from 1st September 2017.