Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they incorporate the basis upon which occupancy is accepted by Good Life Suites.

By entering into an Occupancy Agreement with Good Life Suites you automatically accept all the terms and conditions outlined hereunder.

 Jetsking Round Pty Ltd. ABN 12 165 595 442 (trading as Good Life Suites) reserves the right to change and/or modify any of these terms and conditions at any time without notice and such changes will become effective immediately. Please check these terms and conditions periodically for changes.

The effective date of these terms and conditions is September 2017.

The Boarding House Act 2012 (NSW) – (“The Act”) applies to all Residents who agree to stay at Good Life Suites in accordance with the occupancy agreement, occupancy rules and house rules complying with the Act.

Good Life Suites is a general Boarding House pursuant to Sections 4 and 5 of the Act.

Good Life Suites Privacy Policy and Statement applies to all the information provided by the Residents to Good Life Suites. For the Privacy Policy and Statement, see the website.

In accordance with the regulation16 of the Boarding House Regulation 2013, Good Life Suites maintains and implements the following;

         i.  Ethical conduct by its staff

        ii.  Complaints handling procedures

       iii.  Confidentiality of our records

       iv.  Illness, accident and emergency treatment

       v.  Minimisation policies for the control of infections, diseases, food waste and emergency procedures


Good Life Suites will not guarantee or confirm any occupancy more than fifty-one (51) weeks or 358-days prior to arrival. Requests and quotes beyond this period may be possible; however, no rates and availability will be guaranteed and confirmed. Good Life Suites reserves the right to cancel or amend (with reasonable notice) any occupancy made beyond this period.


The following amenities are included in all suites (variations may apply and brands are subject to change) at the commencement of the occupancy and any perishable and/or consumables referred to below are at the expense of the Resident:

  •   Full kitchen including stove and cook-top
  •   Bedding linen, blankets and pillows
  •   Kitchen tea towels, dish washing liquid and dish washing tablets and all kitchen ware
  •   Washing machine laundry detergent
  •   Bathroom amenities including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and soap
  •   Fridge, washing machine and clothes dryer
  •   T.V. and complimentary internet
  •   Bathroom, toilet and shower
  •   Floor Heating
  •   Fresh filtered water
  •  24-hour management access


At the time of occupancy, the arrival time is from 14:00 (2:00PM). We allow Residents to arrive earlier and to store any luggage until the suite is ready. At the termination of the occupancy, departure time is prior to 11:00 (11:00AM). After this time, it may incur an extra night’s charge. If the suites are fully committed on the departure date, late departures or extensions not already confirmed will not be permitted.


All suites are equipped with queen beds. Any other preference needs to be requested from management.


A security deposit may be required upon arrival and covers any damage that may occur to the suite/s during the occupied dates. 

A full inspection of all suites will be conducted by management after each Resident departs to determine if there is any damage. Excessive cleaning charges may also be taken out of the security deposit if deemed necessary by management.

The security deposit cannot be applied to outstanding amounts that may be owed. The security deposit refund will be processed 72 Hours after the Resident departs and any outstanding amounts owing are paid in full.

6.       CAR PARKING

You agree to enter the car park at your own risk. Good Life Suites does not accept any responsibility for damages or loss to your property or property belonging to someone else.

Limited car parking is available during the Resident’s stay with Good Life Suites at the Resident’s request. Please note that parking is limited.


A credit card pre-authorisation may be required at the time of occupancy representing the security deposit.


A non-refundable credit card surcharge of 1.5% applies when paying with a credit card at Good Life Suites.

This includes payments made through Visa, MasterCard and American Express. There will be no surcharge when paying with EFTPOS (savings).


The registered Resident agrees to pay any Emergency Service Callout Fee charged for false alarms.

This includes circumstances relating to any smoke inside of the room where the smoke alarm is triggered.

Residents are advised to use the rangehood and stove when cooking in the proper and acceptable manner of use.


Good Life Suites may evict a Resident or visitor without warning for breaches of the Occupancy Agreement and House Rule

Residents who are evicted from Good Life Suites will be blacklisted and we may choose to notify the police.

A Resident is subject to such eviction should the following (but not limited to) occur;

  •   Breaches of the Occupancy Agreement and House Rules
  •   Intoxication and unsavoury behaviour
  •   Overcrowding – when the number of persons in the suite exceeds the capacity
  •   Physical or verbal assault towards Good Life Suites representatives, Residents or visitors
  •  Wilful damage to Good Life Suites property
  •  Any incident for which the police need to be called onto the premises
  •   Any behaviour posing a safety threat to others
  •  Ignoring advice to reduce excessive noise (music or other noise)
  •  Throwing of objects over the suite balconies or from windows
  •  Smoking within the suite (a cleaning and deodorising fine will also apply)

The termination or eviction of a Resident shall be commenced with proper written notice by Good Life Suites to the Resident unless the eviction is necessary for safety or other proper reasons.


In the event that a Resident fails to pay immediately upon demand any amount owing to Good Life Suites, pursuant to the Occupancy Agreement (including but not limited to telephone charges, suite damage and cleaning fees), Good Life Suites reserves the right to deny access to the Resident and ask that they vacate the premises.


Residents and Good Life Suites representatives are allowed partial impossibility in an agreement, where the performance of the agreement by either party is subject to acts of God, war, terrorism, government regulations, weather disasters, national disaster, strikes, civil disorder or curtailment of transportation facilities beyond the control of the parties making it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to fulfil some or all of the agreement.

Any agreements, contracts, quotes and reservations may be terminated without penalty for any one or more of such reasons by written notice from one party to the other.


For the comfort of all our Residents, we ask that noise is kept to a minimum so everyone can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable residency.

We request that any non-registered visitors leave all suites by 23:00 (11pm) each evening.

Please also extend this courtesy to our neighbours when entering and exiting the building or car park.


Housekeeping servicing applied are in accordance with the Occupancy Agreement and House Rules.

The suite will be fully cleaned once every seven (7) days.

This comprises of one (1) full clean once every seven (7) days with no housekeeping service on any other days. Additional full servicing outside the normal cycle can be arranged at an extra cost when required.

Housekeeping is able to supply additional amenities at any time upon request.


Accommodation requests can be made online at www.goodlifesuites.com.au or by calling +61 2 8318 9999.

For further information please contact either Good Life Suites direct or our contact centre.


Complimentary internet is available at Good Life Suites in Crows Nest.


We do our best to ensure your reservation arrangements are satisfactory, however Good Life Suites does not accept any liability whatsoever for any injury damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any events which are beyond our control including, but not limited to, war, civil disturbance, terrorism, fire, floods, weather disasters, acts of God, acts of Government or of any other authorities, accident to or failure of machinery or equipment, maintenance requirements or industrial action.


Good Life Suites adheres to the maximum suite capacities of 2 persons per suite.


A minimum length of stay may apply during high demand or special event periods, as determined by Good Life Suites.


Payment for the occupation pursuant to the Occupation Agreement plus any incidentals is required at the time of occupancy.

 For high demand periods and special events, different payment policies that require pre-payment may apply.

If the payment policy is not adhered to, the proposed occupation may be cancelled.

We accept electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS), Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners. All amounts are charged in $AU (Australian dollars).

Any credit cards being used for payment (including incidentals) must be present at the time of entering the occupancy agreement by the cardholder.

A 1.5% non-refundable credit card surcharge applies to all credit cards. We do accept cash at Good Life Suites.


As a general rule, Good Life Suites does not permit pets at our location.

An animal is considered a breach of your accommodation conditions and you will be asked to leave or remove the animal.

Guide dogs are permitted and must have a medallion on their collar with the registration number and the owner must also carry a laminated pass (with the owner and dog’s name).

Guide Dogs are required to be harnessed in public areas. Please advise ahead of time if you will be travelling with a Guide Dog.

Good Life Suites should be contacted directly for consideration of a waiver of the no-pet policy.

Accommodation for pets is at the discretion of Good Life Suites with prior arrangement with management.


Whilst care is taken to ensure that the photographs and description of our facilities and services is accurate, these are continually being changed, upgraded, and on occasion, removed from service.

If any feature or facility is essential to you in choosing a particular property, we highly recommend speaking to one of our reservation specialists, whom will assist your decision-making process and if that feature or facility will be available during your occupation.

 Descriptions are based on information available at the time of publishing and may vary or change at any time.

Maps and location photographs are shown for general information only and highlight places in surrounding areas.

 Actual suites occupied may vary in decor and inclusions from those shown in photographs.


Valid photo identification (ID) matching the name of the main Resident within the reservation must be presented at time of entering into Occupation Agreement. This is required in order to verify your identity for security purposes and to protect the credit cardholder.

A valid Australian driver’s license, Australian issued proof of age card or an Australian or international passport are all acceptable forms of photograph identification.

This ID may be copied and securely stored as record that we have verified who you are and your authority to use your credit card as a combat to increasing credit card fraud.

 As per our privacy policy, any personal information contained on the collected identification will not be on-sold; will be securely stored and carefully disposed of at the end of its usefulness.


Occupation Fees are quoted in AU$ (Australian dollars) and may include other charges depending on the length of residency.


In the event that Good Life Suites has a legitimate cause for concern or if the Resident has not been seen nor been able to be contacted over a period of time, the suite may be entered by a Good Life Suites representative to ensure the safety and comfort of all Residents is in order.


Good Life Suites reserves the right to refuse a Resident entry to Good Life Suites for any reason whatsoever including where the Resident has engaged in conduct on a previous occasion adverse to the Good Life Suites.


A rubbish (trash) facility is provided within the room for the removal of rubbish from the suite.

All Residents are responsible for the removal of their own rubbish on a daily basis.

Bags are provided in each suite for this purpose and additional bags are available upon request to housekeeping.


The Good Life Suites building is a secure environment and we do everything possible to ensure security levels are maintained, and we ask that our Residents do also.

However, Good Life Suites takes no responsibility for any personal possessions that are lost, stolen or misplaced whilst on the premises.

Be aware that video recording devices operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in public areas and building thoroughfare for the safety of the Residents.


Silent registration, also referred to as “incognito Residents”, are not accepted.

Valid photo identification is required upon arrival and our system must be able to reference correctly all Residents within our premise. Resident information is kept secure for auditing purposes and may be provided upon legal demand from the authorities.

If you wish to occupy a suite under a false name or require your details to be erased from our system after termination of your occupancy, we regret that this request cannot be actioned and understand that you may choose to be accommodated elsewhere where your request can be met. The same-name policy applies to all Occupancy Agreements under the Act.


Good Life Suites are non-smoking and smoking in the internal suite is not permitted. Fines will apply to Residents who do not adhere to this policy.

Limited suites have outdoor balcony areas and the non-smoking policy also extends to balconies.


The Resident who enters into an Occupancy Agreement will be held accountable for any damage to the suite and contents during the occupation.

The registered Resident will be liable for damages caused (including those by third parties visiting the suite) which will result in forfeiting any deposits, pre-payment and also may be subject to additional charges depending on damage.

We reserve the right to process any charges in addition to the occupancy fee to the presented credit card supplied by the Resident.


Suites are guaranteed, specific suite numbers (within the type reserved) and floor allocations are subject to availability and cannot be pre-allocated or guaranteed.

Suite types with balconies need to be reserved at time of occupation to be guaranteed.

If for any reason the suite type reserved is no longer available, Good Life Suites will provide a substituted suite of equal or greater value and standard at the same occupancy fee.


Good Life Suites does not permit sale to a third party or for trade purposes.


Insurance is recommended for personal injury to the Resident, their guests, any third party or for loss or damage to personal effects and damage to suites or theft other than insurance required by law to be effected by Good Life Suites.

Good Life Suites will not be responsible for general insurance coverages (travel insurances etc) or loss and damages suffered or caused by the Resident or their guests or visitors.


A child who seeks to request occupation without the accompaniment of a parent, guardian or adult over the age of eighteen (18-years) is considered as an unaccompanied minor.

The general rule is that Good Life Suites does not accept a minor (person under the age of 18 years) without being accompanied by a parent, guardian or adult and/or without the prior arrangement and consent of management.


The Act

Any terms and conditions contained in this document or House Rules and Occupancy Agreement are not enforceable if it is inconsistent with the Occupancy Principles set out in Schedule 1 of the Boarding Houses Act 2012 or the Act or Regulations.